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Palace YAG-13

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(YAG-13: dp. 195; 1. 163'7"; b. 20'; dr. 9'; a. none)

Palace, a steel hulled steam passenger vessel, was built in 1899 by the Delaware River SB Jc Eng. Works, Chester, Pa.;
acquired on bare boat charter 23 Marcll 1942 from William B. Baletti of Weehawken, N.J.; elassified as PYc-~ on 8 April but returned to her owner 18 May 1942. Reacquired 7 August and Reclassified YAG I3 on 13 August 1942, placed in service without a name as YAG-13 on 14 December 1942
and commissioned 12 April 1943.

On 18 August 1942, YAG-13 was assigned to Commander in-Chief Atlantic for duty with the Sound School at Key West. She served the training command until transferred to Service Squadron 1 on 1 October 1943.

YAG-13 operated out of Key West, Fla., providing services as a miscellaneous auxiliary until reassigned to the 5th Naval District.

She reported to Charleston, S.C. on 5 May 1944 for duty in a temporary status and for further assignment, to Norfolk Va., for inactivation. Arriving Norfolk on 1 June 1944, she decommissioned 6 June 1944 and was berthed at Little Creek Va. to await disposition. She was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 9 June 1944.

On 9 September 1944, YAG-13 was used as a radar target vessel and sunk by Vicksburg (CI~86).