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(ScSlp: dp. 2394, 1. 250'6", b. 38'; dr. 17'6', s. 11.3 k. a. 1 1 1/', 10 9", 1 60-pdr., 2 20-pdrs.; cl. Serapis)

The first Omaha was laid down in 1867 by the Philadelphia Navy Yard as Astoria, Launched 10 June 1869, she was renamed Omaha on 10 August 1869, and commissioned 12 September 1872, Captain John C. Febiger in command.

Omaha's first assignment was with the South Atlantic Squadron, and she served alternately on South and North Atlantic Stations from 1873 to 1879. From 1880 to 1884, Omaha was laid up in ordinary at Philadelphia, for a complete refit. By 1885 she was enroute to the Asiatic Station via Cape Horn.

Omaha served on the Asiatic Station from 1885 to 1891. In 1890, on the night of 8 February, she put ashore a detachment of officers and men to assist in fighting an extensive fire in the town of Hodogaya, Japan, on request of the United States Consul-general, and rendered an exceptional service.

In 1891, Omaha returned to Mare Island Navy Yard, where she decommissioned and was placed in ordinary. She never recommissioned, but later, was turned over to the Marine Hospital Service, and subsequently anchored at San Francisco for use as a Quarantine Ship for infectious diseases. Omaha served in this capacity until struck from the U. S. Naval Register 10 July 1914. She was sold, 17 April 1915, to Smith dc Bondrow.