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Oceanside LSM-175

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(LSM-175: dp. 1,095; 1. 203'6"; b. 34'6"; dr. 8'4"; s. 12.5 k.; cpl. 59; a. 2 40mm.; Gl. LSM—I )

LSM-176, originally LCT(7)-1676, was laid down 11 July 1944 at the Charleston Naval Bhipyard; launched 3 August 1944, sponsored by Miss Emily V. Jackson, and commissioned 25 September 1944.

Following a Chesapeake Bay shakedown, LSM-176 departed the east coast, transited the Panama Canal, and continued on to San Diego, arriving 1 December. From San Diego, she proceeded to San Francisco, thence to Pearl Harbor and the Solomons. Arriving at Florida Island 20 February, she trained for her first campaign, Okinawa. She departed the Solomons 12 March, staged at Ulithi, then steamed west, arriving off the Hagushi beaches on western Okinawa 1 April.

Ae the assault forces streamed ashore, LSM-176 unloaded transports and cargo vessels. At 0910 an enemy plane was taken under fire. In the course of the fight anti-aircraft projectiles struck in the LSM'S well deck, wounding 9 embarked marines and 2 bluejackets. On the 6th, she again turned her guns on an enemy plane and assisted in splashing it 600 yards off the etarboard bow. On 20 April she got underway for Ulithi, whence ehe steamed to Leyte, arriving 28 May

For the remainder of the war LSM-176 carried rolling stock and mixed cargo to the Marianas and amongst the Philippines, returning to Okinawa in mid August. Through Beptember she operated in the Philippines and in October sh~fted to Japan for brief duty with the ocoupation forces. Arriving in Tokyo Bay 8 October, she sailed for the United States in late November. On 26 December she arrived at San Diego, then, in February 1946, steamed to San Francisco where she decommissioned 11 July 1946.

Reactivated four years later, LSM-176 was recommissioned 8 SeFtember 1950. Homeported at San Diego, she trained Marlnes and SeaBees in amphibious operations until 30 June 1955. Transferred to the 11th Naval District on that date, ehe was decommissioned and placed in service on 30 October. Disarmed and with a reduced crew, the LSM then took up

logistic support of the islands in that district. Homeported at Long Boach in October 1956 and renamed Oceanside, 14 October 1959, she served the 11th Naval District until 1961. On 1 February of that year she was placed out of service struck from the Navy Llst and transferred to the custody of the Repubhe of Viet Nam to serve in the RVN Navy as Huong Giang (H/~404).

LSM-176 received 1 battle star for World War II Service.