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Mark AG-143

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An island off the coast of Maine.

(AG-143: dp. 693; 1. 180'; b. 33'; dr. 10' ; s. 13 k. ; cpl. 39;
cl. Camano.)

Mark (AG-143), built as FS-214 for use by the U.S. Army, was completed ha December 1944; acquired by the 17.9. Navy at Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, 30 September 1947; and placed in service 2 December 1947.

Mark served as a unit in the Subic-Sangley Ferry Service until reclassified AKL-12, 13 March 1949. Then, as a light cargo ship attached to Service Force, 7th Fleet, she carried cargo and passengers to various units of that fleet operating in the Philippines area. With the escalation of U.S. Forces activities in Southeast Asia in 1963-64, the range of her resupply missions were extended to include frequent cruises to the Republic of South Vietnam. As a result of these trips she was placed in a commissioned status 1 October 1965, Lt. F. R. Sanderlin in command. For the next 8 months she continued to operate from Subic Bay; but with each passing month, the length of her

visits was increased. In June 1966 she commenced fulltime operations in the combat area. Since that time into 1969, Mark, with only one interruption for overhaul, has kept vital supplies moving from Saigon and Vung Tau to the riverine and coastal surveillance forces conducting operations "Game Warden" and "Market Time."