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A very large ray, sometimes called a devilfish.


(Str: dp. 3,800; 1. 251'; b. 43'6"; dr. 17'9"; s. 9 k.; cpl. 64; a. 1 5", 13")

manta (No. 2036), originally built for the Clyde Steamship Co., was launched in 1916 by the Chicago Ship Building Co., South Chicago, Ill.; and acquired and commissioned by the Navy 8 December 1917.

Manta, a NOTS cargo ship, plied the waters of the eastern Atlantic and the Caribbean until mid-July 1918. She then conducted two round-trip voyages to Europe as a mine carrier. On 30 October 1918 during the second return voyage, she was damaged in a storm and was towed to Norfolk. After extensive repairs she was decommissioned 13 March 1919 and returned to her owner.