USS Manileno II
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Manileno II IX-141

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(IX-141: t. 5,812 (gr.) ; 1. 395'; b. 51'10"; dr. 30'; s. 10 k.; cpl. 70; a. 14", 13", 8 20mm.)

The second Manileno (IX-141) was built by Societa Esercizino, Bacini Riva Trigossa, Italy, in 1922, and operated under the Italian flag as Vittoria and later Rapatio. Following the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939, Rapallo, then owned and operated by Azienda Generale Italiana. Petroli of Genoa, Italy was interned by the Colombian Government at Cartegena, Colombia.

Shortly after America's entry into World War II, Rapatio was purchased from the Colombian government by WSA refitted for merchant service; renamed Polonaise; and turned over to the Marine Transport Co. of New York City. Sailing as a merchant ship under the Panamanian flag, Polonaise transported fuel oil from gulf coast ports as far south as Corpus Christi, Tex., to east coast ports as far north as New York. In addition, fueling rung sent her to the Caribbean where she shuttled cargo from the Dutch West Indies to Cuba.

She transited the Panama Canal 26 December 1943 and, after steaming to Pearl Harbor, arrived Funafuti, Ellice Islands, 3 March 1944. Thence, she steamed to Majuro, Marshalls, where she was acquired by the Navy under bareboat charter from WSA and commissioned as Manito" 8 April 1944. Comdr. Eugene L. McManus in command.

Assigned to Service Squadron 10, Manileno served at Majuro as a floating oil storage ship, topping off fleet oilers and refueling destroyer types. She steamed to Eniwetok in June for similar duty; and, following the conquest of the Marianas, she sailed to Guam. She operated out of Guam until after the end of World War II. While there, she supplied hundreds of ships with fuel oil. She received her supplies from merchant tankers about once a week. During her Pacific tour, she provided more than 56 million gallons of fuel oil to the mighty Pacific Fleet.

Manileno departed Guam 29 October IL945 and steamed via the Panama Canal to Mobile, Ala., arriving 20 December. Placed in a state of reduced commission 14 January 1946, she decommissioned 7 February 1946 and was returned to WSA the same day. Her name was struck from the Navy list 28 March 1946 She was sold by the Maritime Commission to Societa Ligure di Armamento of Genoa, Italy, 19 May 1947.