USS Malvern III
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Malvern III IX-138

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(IX-138: dp. 13,250 (lim.) ; 1. 436'10"; b. 51'10"; dr
27'3" (lim.) ; s. 7.0 k.; cpl. 84; a. 2 3", 8 20mm.)

The third Malvern (IX-138) was built as Pinna by Arm strong, Whitworth & Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne, England

In 1901; saw merchant service under the names British Earl, Tanskchindler, and Orissa before being renamed Malvern 3 November 1943; acquired by the Navy from WSA under bareboat charter 11 May 1944; and commissioned at Majuro, Marshalls, the same day.

Assigned to Service Squadron 8, Pacific Fleet, Malvern in June was taken in tow as a floating storage tanker for Subic Bay, and Manila, Philippines, where she remained until decommissioned 16 February 1946 and delivered the same day to WSA for service under the Panamanian flag as Orissa. The tanker was sold to Henderson Trippe Corp. between 1948 and 1950 for the Hong Kong run.