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Malang ScStr

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A merchant name retained.

(ScStr: dp. : 7,726; 1, 332'6"; b. 44'; dr. 23'11"; s. 10 k.;
cpl. 62; a. 2 4")

Malang, a steel cargo ship, was built in 1898 by Wigham Richardson & Co., Newcastle, England, and during the next two decades she was in merchant service In Atlantic and European waters. Under provisions of a Presidential proclamation, she was seized by the United States at New York 20 March 1918; turned over to the Navy 21 March; and commissioned 2 April 1918 for duty with NOTS.

After loading Army supplies, she steamed in convoy via Halifax, Nova Scotia, and reached Brest, France, 13 May. She operated along the French coast until 10 June when she sailed for the United States. She arrived New York the 26th and prepared for additional cargo runs to European waters. Malang made a second voyage to St. Nazaire, Verdon, and Bordeaux between 9 August and 25 September. From IT October to 8 November she carried minelaying supplies to Barry Roads, Wales.

'Following the signing of the Armistice, Malang operated out of Barry Roads during the rest of the year and carried Shipments of potatoes from Belfast, northern Ireland to French ports. Early in January 1919 she loaded a cargo of mines and ammunition at Brest. galling 10 January, she arrived Tompkinsville, N.Y., the 31st, She underwent voyage repair% and on 5 March sailed for Copenhagen, Denmark, with 300 tons of grain In her holds. She arrived 26 March, thence steamed via Hango,

Finland, to Rotterdam, Netherlands, where she arrived 21 April. Malang remained at Rotterdam, decommissioned there 7 May 1919, and was returned to her owner, Rotterdamsche Lloyd.