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Magdalena WL No. 687

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Any of several villages in the Philippine Islands, one of which is located on Luzon southeast of Manila.


(Working Launch No. 687; 1. 65', b. 12'5")

The first Magdalena, a copper-sheathed, wooden working launch, was built at the Cavite Naval Station, Cavite, Philippine Islands, in 1908. Assigned to the Asiatic station, she performed yard duties, and on occasion served as a harbor tug. She operated out of naval installations at Cavite and Olongapo in Luzon and, prior to World War I, she was incorrectly listed as Magdalen in the Naval Register.

Following the establishment of the 16th Naval District in 1919, Magdalena served as a district craft in Manila Bay and Subic Bay. She was classified YFB-687 on 17 July'1920. Prior to the Japanese invasion of the Philiphines in December 1941, she provided valuable service during the construction and installation of antitorpedo net defenses across the entrance to Mariveles Bay off Bataan Peninsula. From 11 October to 14 December 1941 she transported supplies and net gear from Cavite to Mariveles and took part in the laying of the net defenses. She was destroyed during heavy Japanese air attacks on American positions at Mariveles and Corregidor early in January 1942, probably 2 January while at Mariveles. Her name was struck from the Navy list 24 July 1942.