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Macona No. 3306

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A former name retained.

(No. 3306: dp. 8500; 1. 377'5"; b. 49'; dr. 22'6"; s. 12 k.;
cpl. 89; a. 2 4")

Built in 1903 by the Delaware River Co., Chester, Pa., as the City of Macon for Barber & Co., Macona operated as a cargo ship out of New York City. At the outbreak of hostilities she was taken over at New York by USSB through the Emergency Fleet Corp. and commissioned in NOTS 19 August 1918.

Once refitted, she took on a general cargo and departed New York in convoy 25 August for St. Nazaire. Upon arrival 12 September, Macona assumed cargo carrying duties in European waters. She continued in this status until 20 December, when she returned to St. Nazaire. 'Mere she took on Navy stores, underwent minor repairs prior to a transatlantic trip, and steamed to Cardiff to take on coal.

Macona departed Cardiff 15 February 1919 en route Hampton Roads. After fueling at the Azores she arrived Hampton 12 March. There she was placed in line for demobilization, refurbished, decommissioned 25 March, and returned to USSB for return to her owner.