Kodiak LSM-161



A town on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

(LSM-161: dp. 52; 1. 204'; b. 351; dr. 7 S. 13 k.; cpl. 106; 1 40mm., 4 20mm. ; cl. LSM-1)

The keel of LSAI-161 was laid down 3 June 1944 by Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C.; launched 27 June 1944; and commissioned 16 August 1944, Lt. Joseph M. Gresser in command.

After serving at Little Creek Va., as a training ship for more than 5 months, LSM-161 departed Newport, R.I., 23 February 1945 for the West Coast, arriving San Diego 23 March. Departing 28 April for the Pacific she arrived Saipan 6 June; then commenced supply operations in the Far East. For the remaining months of World War II, LSM-161 shuttled troops and cargo among the Philippines, Okinawa, and the Marianas. Following the Allied victory in the Pacific, the medium landing ship supported occupation forces in the Western Pacific until she sailed for the United States 12 December. Arriving San Pedro, Calif., 12 January 1946, LSM-1461 remained along the West Coast; and decommissioned at Vancouver, Wash., 8 June 1946.

When the Korean conflict called for additional naval logistic support, LSM-161 recommissioned 6 September 1950 and was assigned to LSM Division 12 out of San Diego. She operated off southern California until 11 February 1952 when she sailed for the Western Pacific. Arriving Yokosuka 26 March she commenced supply and transport operations in support of U.S. forces in Korea. Sailing to Pusan Korea in mid-April, the veteran landing ship embarked prisoners-of-war and transported them to Koje Do. She continued operations between Japan and Korea until she departed Yokosuka 20 September for the United States.

Following operations out of San Diego, LSM-161 sailed for Kodiak, Alaska, 16 June 1953. Arriving there 1 week later, she became a logistics support ship for the Alaskan area. From 1953 to 1965 she provided services for VP Squadrons at Kodiak, performed search and rescue miss- and made frequent resupply cruises to the Adak Naval Station. LSM-161 was named Kodiak 14 October 1959.

Kodiak also participated in the Alaskan earthquakerelief operations from March to May 1964 by shuttling supplies to remote villages on the island of Kodiak. Later that summer she assisted the Red Cross in earthquakerelief work by carrying supplies and household furnishings to devastated areas.

After many years of naval service-a veteran of 2 wars-Kodiak decommissioned 19 April 1965 and was struck from the Navy List 1 June 1965.

LSM-161 received two battle stars for the Korean conflict.