Kerlew Str



A former name retained.

(Str: dp. 3,563; 1. 3361; b. 41'9"; dr. 25'; s. 10 k.; cpl.77; a. 1 4")

Kerlew, a cargo ship, was built in 1906 by Craig, Taylor & Co., Ltd., Stockton, England; acquired on barecharter asis by the Army lt October 1917 from her owner, Kerr Navigation Corp., New York; and taken over and commissioned by the Navy 17 November 1918 at Cardiff, Wales, Lt. S. V. Kalhauge, USNRF, in command.

Assigned to the Army coal trade at Cardiff, Kerlew transported coal from British to French ports. She continued this channel duty until 29 January 1919 when she arrived Invergordon, Scotland, to load a cargo of mines for return to the United States. Departing 19 February she arrived Norfolk, Va., 9 March. Transferred to USSB, she was placed in line for demobilization. Kerlew decommissioned 12 April and was returned to her owner the same day.