Keresaspa Str



A former name retained.

(Str: t. 3,019; 1. 360'; b. 48'; dr. 13'5"; s. 9 k.; cpl. 86;
a. 1 5")

Keresaspa, formerly Franconia, was launched 1903 by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Newcastle, England. The cargo ship was acquired by the Navy from the Franconia S.S. Co., Ltd. and commissioned 31 October 1918, Lt. Comdr. James J. Boyce in command.

Assigned to NOTS, Keresaspa departed New York with a cargo of 400 horses and mules for transport to France. She discharged her cargo at La Pallice, France, and returned to Baltimore 20 January 1919. Following repairs Keresaspa decommissioned 11 February 1919 and was returned to her owners.