Kenwood II IX-179


Kenwood II

( IX-179: dp. 6,368; 1. 416'8"; b. 66', s. 10 k., cpl. 70

The second Kenwood( IX-179) was built in 1916 as Te~as by Fore River Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, Mass. She was operated by the Texus Oil Co., until she was taken over by the Maritime Commission at the beginning of World War II. After a year's charter to the Soviet Union, she returned to the Maritime Commission in July 1944. Renamed Johren, she subsequently sailed to Brisbane, Australia, where she was taken over by the

Navy on bare boat charter 1e Noven ber. She commissioned at Brisbane 6 December as Renwood, Lt. Comdr. R. L. West in command.

Assigned to the Service Force, 7th Fleet, she departed Brisbane 13 December for New Guinea, and arrived Hollandia 21 December. After loading a cargo of fuel, he sailed 30 December for the Philippines and arrived Leyte Gulf 7 January 1945. Departing in convoy 16 January, Kenwoodproceeded to Lingayen Gulf where she arrived 21 January, to begin duty as a mobile floating fuel storage ship. Loaded with gasoline and oil, she operated in Lingayen Gulf until 9 March, then proceeded to Subic Bay, Luzon, to continue station tanker operations. Returning to Lingayen Gulf 6 May, she served as a diesel and bunker oil tanker at San Fernando Roads, Luzon, from 15 May to 5 July when she again sailed to Subic Bay. Alternating between Lingayen Gulf and Subic Bay, she continued fueling operations until 2 November when she steamed into Manila Bay. Proceeding to Subic Bay 17 December, she decommissioned 10 January 1946 and was transferred to the Maritime Commission for disposal.

Kenwood was sold for scrap 3 March 1948 to Asia Development Corp.