< Kaloli AOG-13

Kaloli AOG-13



A point on the western coast of Hawaii.

(AOG-13) : dp. 3,610; 1. 258'; b. 43'; dr. 14'10"; s. 9.5 k.; cpl. 63; a. 1 3", 4 20mm.)

Kaloli (AOG-13) was launched in 1941 as Flying A by the Charleston Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Charleston, S.C.; owned by Tidewater Associated Oil Co., San Francisco, Calif.; and acquired and commissioned by the Navy at Honolulu, Hawaii, 29 April 1942, Lt. Comdr. G. H. Chapman, Jr., in command.

Taken over on time charter through the Maritime Commission, Kaloli served as a unit of Service Squadron 8, supplying forward island depots in the Pacific with military supplies and material. Operating out of Pearl Harbor, she ranged the Central Pacific and provided logistic support for bases at Midway, Johnston, Canton, Christmas, and Palmyra Islands. She conducted over 40 fueling missions to these islands between 28 May 1942 and 3 July 1945, carrying over 20 million gallons of aviation gasoline as well as lesser quantities of commercial gasoline and diesel fuel. Though she was never in combat, her service to combat ships of the Navy was both efficient and valuable.

Kaloli shuttled fuel among various tank farms in the Hawaiian Islands from July to October 1945. On 11 October she cleared Pearl Harbor for the West Coast, arriving San Diego 23 October. She departed the 29th for the eastern seaboard, and, after transiting the Panama Canal 12 November, she arrived New York 25 November. Kaloli decommissioned 7 December and transferred to the Maritime Commission for return to her former owner. She was struck from the Navy List 3 January 1946.