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Jonquil ScStr

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(ScStr: t. 90; 1. 69'4"; b. 17'6"; dph. 6'7"; s, 8 k.; colt
15; a. 2 12-pdr. r.)

Jonquil was purchased at Philadelphia from S. F. Baker under the name J. K. Rirkman 21 October 1863, and commissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard 28 October, Acting Ens. I. T. Halstead in command.

A week later Jonquil joined the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron and took station off Charleston. Except for brief periods of repair and 3 months in the sounds of Georgia during the fall of 1864, she served for the remainder of the war in Charleston waters. She took her ffrst prize 25 February 1865 when she captured an unidentified sloop in Deer Creek about 18 miles upstream from Charleston. She repeated the feat only 2 days later with a second sloop in Silver Creek.

Perhaps Jonquil's most valuable service was early in March when she labored to clear Charleston waters of torpedoes after the city has surrendered. While she was so engaged, a torpedo exploded close aboard her, knocking nine men overboard and wounding three others. Prompt and effective repairs enabled the ship to be back at her task of sweeping the harbor the next day.

Jonquil returned north at the end of July and decommissioned 2 August 1865. She was sold at public auction 21 October 1865.