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(Str: 1. 906'; b. 98'3"; dr. 35'2"; s. 23.5 k.)

Imperator, a German passenger liner, was built by Vulcan Works, Hamburg, Germany, in 1910. Following the Armistice 11 November 1918, she was taken over from Germany by the Food Shipping and Finance Agreement. She sailed to Brest, France; was acquired there by the Navy 5 May l919; and commissioned the same day, Captain J. R. Robison in command.

After embarking 2,100 American troops and 1,100 passenger~, Imporator departed Brest 15 May 1919, arriving New York 1 week later. Operating with the CruiserTransport Force from 3 June to 10 August she made three cruises from New York to Brest, returning over 25,000 troops, nurses, and civilians to the United States. While en route to New York 17 June, Imperator assisted the French cruiser Jeanne D'arc, which had broken down in the Atlantic. The President of Brazil was on board Jeanne D'arc and Imperator received him and his party for transport to the United States, arriving there several days later.

The troop transport v as transferred to the 3d Naval District 19 September, decommissioned at New York 24 November 1919, and was delivered to the British Ministry of Shipping the same day.