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(SwStr: t. 235; 1. 157', b. 33'; dph. 4'6", a. 2 3 pdr. P.r., 2 12-pdr. r., 4 24-pdr. how.)

Ibex, a tinclad, side-wheel gunboat formerly called Ohio Valley, was built at Harmer, Ohio, in 1863 and was purchased by the Navy at Cincinnati, Ohio, from Theodore Johnson 10 December 1864; and commissioned at Mound City, Ill., 4 April 1865, Lt. Gomdr. R. I`. May in command.

After fltting out as a gunboat at Mound City, Ibex was ordered to Memphis for duty with the Mississippi Squadron's 8th District 29 April 1865. She served faithfully in the Mississippi assisting Rear Admiral S. P. Lee in attending to many of the innumerable tasks entailed in closing the Mississippi Squadron. ll~esv decommissioned at Mound City 5 August and was sold at public auction to Thompson Dean 17 August 1865. She was redocumented Harry Dean 5 October 1865 and lost when she exploded at Gallipolis, Ohio, 3 January 1868.