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A former name retained.

( Str: dp. 7,930; 1. 362'; b. 46'6"; dr. 20'7" s. 11 k.;
cpl. 68; a. 1 5", 1 6-par. )

Guantanamo was built as Registan in 1910 by W. Gray & Co. of West Hartlepool, England; turned over to the Navy 25 February 1918 for use as a cargo transport; and commissioned 21 May 1918.

Gunpowder was Guantanamo's main cargo as she plied from New York to St. Nazaire, gunpowder to support the Allied war effort about to reach its climax in Europe; she made three such trips in convoy between commissioning 3 and 11 December 1918 when she returned to New York to prepare for demobilization. Decommissioned at New York 25 January 1919, Guantanamo was returned to her owners, New York & Cuba Mail Steam Ship Co. 4 February 1919.


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