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Grosbeak SwStr

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Any of several species of finches, having a thick, strong, conical bill.


( SwStr: t. l9; 1. 164'; b. 28; dph. 4'6"; a. 2 20-par. P.r.; :`, 2 30-pdr. P.r.; 1 12-pdr. sb.)

Grosbeak, renamed from Fanny, was purchased at Mound City, Ill., 3 February 1865; and commissioned 24 February, Acting Master Thomas Burns in command.

After brief duty in Kentucky with the iron~clad monitor squadron stationed there, Grosbeak joined the Mississippi squadron patrolling the river from Cairo to the White River. When the river steamer Sultana caught fire and exploded off Memphis 27 April, Grosbeak rescued 60 to 80 survivors and transferred them to hospital. She also transported wounded men from boats further down the river to Memphis for proper care. As the war ended, Grosbeak returned to Mound City and was sold there 17 August 1865.


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