Nutmeg AN-33


(AN-33: dp. 560; 1. 163'3"; b. 30'6"; dr. 11'9"; s. 13 k., cpl. 48; a. 1 3"; cl. Aloe)

Nutmeg (YN-28), formerly Sycamore, was laid down 18 October 1940 bv American Shipbuilding Co., Cleveland, Ohio Launched 13 March 1941; placed in service 30 October. Allocated to the 1st Naval District for net tending duty in the Boston Harbor area she was Reclassified AN-33 on 20 June 1944.

Through the spring of 1945 Nutmep was engaged in maintaining and reDairing net defenses in Boston Harbor. In May she was attached to CTF 24 for the purpose of maintaining the antitorpedo net in Placentia Harbor, Argentia, Newfoundland. She departed Argentia 19 June with YNG-27 in tow, arriving 23 June at South Boston Navy Yard for overhaul and repairs.

Nutmeg had been scheduled for duty at Pearl Harbor when she departed Boston 21 July for transit to the West Coast via Key West, the Canal Zone, and San Pedro, Calif. Voyage repairs and a main engine casualty necessitated a ehanBe in schedule, and with hostilities ended Nutmep was placed on the inactive list and shifted to the Columbia River Reserve Basin. Placed out of commission, in reserve in January 1947 she was transferred to the National Defense Reserve Fleet in 1959 and was struck from the Navy List 1 September 1962. She remains in the NDRF into 1970.