Niagara Falls AFS-3


Niagara Falls
(AFS-3: dp. 16,050 (f.); 1. 581' 3"; b. 79'; dr. 23' 10"; s. 20 k.; cpl. 435; a. 8 3"/50; cl. Mars)

Niagara Falls (AFS-3) was laid down 22 May 1965 by the National Steel and Shipbuilding Co., San Diego, Calif.; launched 26 March 1966, sponsored by Mrs. Jacob Javits, wife of the senior senator from New York; delivered to the Navy at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, Calif., 20 April 1967; and commissioned 29 April, Captain Horace C. Holley in command.

Niagara Falls is designed to deliver refrigerated stores, dry provisions, technical spares, and general stores type material to the Fleet at sea. Her configuration provides for rapid issue rates using a minimum of men and the latest in transfer-atsea methods, cargo handling, storage techniques, and automation. She is capable of simultaneous replenishment of one ship on each side as well as transfer of material by cargo helicopters, which she carries.

After initial shakedown, the new combat store ship loaded 2500 tons of stores at Naval Supply Center, Oakland, Calif. and through September completed final aceeptanee trials and post-shakedown availability at San Diego.

By 4 February 1968 Niagara Falls completed her shakedown availability and continued preparations for her first deployment. She steamed for WestPae 28 March, arrived Subic Bay 14 April, and there conducted the first of many replenishments.

Upon arrival 22 April at An Thoi, South Viet Nam, she transferred over 100 tons of material, and two days later she supplied amphibious units in Vung Tau. In Cam Rahn Bay the 25th of April, Niagara Falls supplied ships and the Naval Support Aetivity there. She also supplied ships of the Naval Gunfire Support Group off the Viet Nam coast, and made several replenishment swings through the Yankee Station and Market Time areas.

Niagara Falls completed the last replenishment of her deployment 15 September, called at Hong Kong 17-21 September, at Pearl Harbor 9-10 October, and arrived San Diego 17 October. Completing preparations for another deployment and transfer of homeport to Sasebo to eommenee 3 January 1969 with the arrival of the New Year, Niagara Falls steamed for WestPae a second time.