Newton II IX-33


Newton II
(IX-33: dp. 5,990; Ibp. 268'; b. 45' 2"; dr. 23' 11"; a. 1 4", 4 6-pdrs.)

The second Newton, built in 1919 by L. H. Shattuck, Ine., Portsmouth, N. H., was acquired by the U.S. Navy from the U.S. Shipping Board 2 October 1922. Then prepared for service with the Naval Militia of the State of New Jersey, she served as a training ship in the Jersey City area into World War II. Carried on the Naval Register as an unclassified ship for most of that period, she was designated lX-33, 17 February 1941. On 13 May 1943 she was transferred to the Armed Guard Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.. Placed in service 22 November 1944, she was assigned to the New York Navy Yard until placed out of service 14 November 1945. Struck from the Navy Register 8 January 1946, she sank in the Hudson River the same month and her hulk was sold 12 September 1946.