(NR-1: dp. 400 (subm.); 1. 140'; b. 12'; cpl. 7)

NR-I, a nuclear-powered, deep-submergence, research and ocean-engineering vehicle, was launched 25 January 1969 by Electric Boat Division, General Dynamies Corp., Groton Conn.; sponsored by Mrs. Robert W. Morse; and completed and delivered 27 October 1969.

NR-I, Lt. Comdr. Dwaine O. Griffith in charge, departed Groton at 0555 on l6 August 1969 for tests. During her first sea trials she successfully cruised at full power, both surfaced and submerged, and operated on the ocean floor, before returning to Groton on the 19th.

NR-I will greatly extend man's knowledge of the ocean bottom at least up to the edge of the continental shelf, the area which contains the most accessible mineral and food resources in the seas. She will also gather information of military value, and be capable of locating sunken submarines and other ships, and of supporting the rescue of survivors, and the salvage of ships or equipment.