USS Denebola AF-56
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Denebola II

(AF-66: dp. 4,960, 1. 456'3"; b. 62'; dr. 28'6"; s.
16 k.; cpl. 260; a 8 3"; cl. Denebola)

The second Denebola (AF-56) was launched 10 June 1954 as Hibbing Victory by Oregon Shipbuilding Co.' Portland, Oreg.; sponsored by Miss J. A. Bush; transferred to the Navy 1 May 1962; converted at New York Naval Shipyard; and commissioned 20 January 1964, Commander S. E. Ramey in command.

From the completion of her shakedown through June 1960 Denebola alternated eight tours of duty with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean with local operations out of Norfolk. In addition she participated in NATO exercises in 1957 and 1968 and carried stores to the Caribbean. She served as plane guard for President D. D. Eisenhower's plane and on his return from the NATO conference at Paris, in 1957, and during her 1968 Mediterranean tour she replenished ships patrolling off Beirut in the aftermath of the Lebanon crisis.