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Bailey TB-21


(TB-21 dp 235; 1. 205'; b. 19'3"; dr. ff'10"; s. 30 k.;
cpl. 59; a. 4 6-pdr., 2 18" TT.)

The first Bailey (Torpedo Boat No. 21) was launched 5 December 1899 by Gas Engine and Power Co., and Charles L. Seabury and Co., Consolidated, Morris Heights, N. Y. sponsored by Miss Florence Beekman Bauey' granddaughter of Admiral Bailey; commissioned 10 June 1901, Lieutenant G. W. Williams in command; and reported to the Atlantic Fleet.

On 13 June 1901 Bailey proceeded to Newport where she remained for several months and then steamed to Port Royal, B. C., arriving 31 October 1901. She remained at Port Royal until June 1902 and then proceeded to Norfolk where she went out of con~mission 14 June.

Between 27 January 1904 and 7 November 1909 Bailey was in commission in reserve with the Reserve Torpedo Flotilla at Norfolk. On 22 December 1909 she was assigned to the Reserve Torpedo Division, Charleston, S. C. Recommissioned 1 June 1910 she Joined the 1st Torpedo Division. She cruised for three months on the Atlantic coast and then was assigned to the Naval Academy for duty at the Engineering Experimental Station.

Between October 1911 and March 1914 Bailey was attached to the Reserve Torpedo Division at Annapolis and,on 1 April 1914, she was placed in ordinary there. She was recommissioned on February 1917 and during World War I performed patrol duty at New York. She was renamed Coast Torpedo Boat No. 8,1 August 1918.

She was decommissioned 18 March 1919 and sold 10 March 1920.