USS Peoria IV
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Peoria IV LST-1183

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Peoria IV

(LST-1183: dp. 8342; 1. 522'3"; b. 69'5"; dr. 15'; s. 20 k.;
cpl 231; a. 4 3"; cl. Newport)

The fourth Peoria was laid down 22 February 1968 by National Steel & Shipbuilding Corp., San Diego, Calif., Iaunched 23 November 1968, sponsored by Mrs. Robert H. Michel; and commissioned 21 February 1970.

As the fourth of a new class of LST, she is a radical departure from the battle tested LSTs of World War II. Instead of a bow door, she has an over the bow ramp. She also has a stern gate to permit unloading of amphibious tractors or unloading of other vehicles into LCU's for ferrying to the beach She is also twice as fast and much more manuverable. She will be an excellent addition to the Amphibious Forces of the Navy.