Kingsmill DE-280



Sir Robert Kingsmill (1730-1805) commanded British ship HMS Vigilant during a major battle with a French fleet off Ushant, France, 27 July 1778.

(DE-280: dp. 1,140; 1. 289'5"; b. 35'1"; dr. 8'3"; s. 21 k.; cpl. 156; a. 3 3", 4 1.1", 9 20mm., 2 dct., 8 dcp., I dcp. (h.h . ) ; cl. Evarts)

Kingsmill (DE-280) was launched 13 August 1943, by Boston Navy Yard, Boston, Mass.; assigned to the United Kingdom under lend-lease 10 June; and transferred to the British Navy 6 November.

During her service as an escort in the British Navy, Kingsmill operated in the English Channel. On 6 June 1944, she supported the amphibious invasion at Normandy, and in November she participated in the invasion of the Netherlands at Walcheren. Her service continued until 22 August 1945, when she was returned to the U.S. Navy and commissioned the same day at Harwick, England. Departing Harwich 26 August, Lt. Comdr. George B. Calkins in command, she arrived Philadelphia 8 September and decommissioned 26 October. He name was struck from the Naval List 16 November. She was sold for scrapping 17 February 1947.