Inmam DE-526

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This Month in Naval History
Inmam DE-526


(DE~26: dp. 1,140 1. 280'5", b. 35'1", dr. 8'3", s. 21 k.;
Cpl. 156; a. 3 3" 4 1.1", 9 20mm., 2 act., 8 dcp., 1 dcp.
(h.h.); cl. Evarts)

Inman (DE-526) was launched 2 November 1943 by Boston Navy Yard, Boston, Mass., accepted and transferred to Great Britain 13 January 1944 under LendLease, This and other Fvarts-class DE's formed the Captain class in the Royal Navy and played a vital part in allied antisubmarine operations in the Atlantic. Inman was returned to the Navy 1 March 1946. She was sold to G. H. Nutman, Ine., Brooklyn, N.Y., in November 1946 and subsequently scrapped.


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