Garlies DE-271

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This Month in Naval History
Garlies DE-271


A British name. Lord Garlies, a British naval officer, was Captain of British frigate HMS Lively at St. Vincent and of British frigate HMS Bellerophon in 1801 during the blockade of Brest.

(DE-271: dp. 1,140; 1. 289'5"; b. 35'1"; dr. 11'10"; s.21k.;cpl.198;a.33";41.1"920mm., 8dcp.,1 dcp.
( hh. ), 2 dct.; cl. Evarts )

Garlies (DE-271) was laid down as Fleming (DE-271) ( q.v. ) 7 April 1943 by the Boston Navy Yard, Boston, Mass., launched 19 May, sponsored by Mrs. Michael I:. Fleming, transferred to Great Britain 13 July under lend-lease; and commissioned in the British Royal Navy as HMS Garlies (K 4775) on 13 September.

During World War II the British frigate HMS Garlies operated in the Atlantic on convoy escort and 11 June 1944 she supported the Allied invasion of Europe at Normandy. She served in the Royal Navy until 20 August 1945 when she was returned to the U.S. Navy at Chatham, England, and commissioned Garlies ( DE 271) the same day, Lt.B. H. Farwell in command.

Garlies, departed Chatham 30 August for the United States, arriving Philadelphia 8 September. She decommissioned there 10 October and was sold to Thomas H. Barker 18 July 1947 for scrapping.


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