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Edgar G. Chase

Edgar Griffith Chase born 12 September 1910 in Washington, D.C., graduated from the Naval Academy in 1932. Lieutenant Commander Chase was executive officer of Meredith ( DD—434 ) when she was sunk off Guadalcanal by Japanese dive bombers on 15 October 1942. He died 2 days later, one day before the survivors of Meredith were rescued.

(DE-16: dp. 1,140, 1. 289'5", b. 35'1", dr. 8'3", s. 21 k.
cpl. 166; a. 3 3", 8 dcp., 1 dcp.(hh.), 2 dct.; cl. Evarts)

Edgar G. Cha~e (DE-16) was launched 26 September 1942 by Mare Island Navy Yard as Burges (BDE-16)sponsored for the British lend lease by Mrs. Ernest H.
Wichels but retained by the U.S. Navy and assigned the name Edgar G. Chase 19 February 1943; and commissioned 20 March 1943, Lieutenant Commander J. J. Morony, USNR, in command.

Edgar G. Chase reported to the Submarine Chaser Training Center at Miami, Fla., 4 June 1943, and for the next year trained student officers and patrolled off Florida, After a voyage in August 1944 from Norfolk to Recife screening Tripoli (CVE-64) returning with Solomons (CVE-67). Edgar G. Chase sailed from New York 19 September with a slow-moving convoy for England. With bad weather, the passage took a month. She got back to Norfolk 22 November.

Edgar G. Chase made three voyages as convoy escort from New York and Norfolk to Oran between 19 December 1944 and 30 May 1945. On 20 July she returned to Miami and her original training duty with the Small Craft Training Center. She arrived at Charleston, S.C., 9 September and was decommissioned there 16 October 1946 and sold 18 March 1947.