Edward C Daly DE-17


Edward C. Daly

Edward C. Daly born 27 April 1914 in Pink Hill- N.C. enlisted in the Navy 13 February 1934. Coxswain Daly was killed 7 December 1941 while serving in Downes' (DD-375), damaged in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his courageous and daring attempt to rescue a wounded shipmate trapped in a flaming compartment of the ship.

(DE-17: dp. 1,140; 1. 289'5"; b. 35'1"; dr. 8'3"; s. 21 k.;
cpl. 156; a. 3 3", 8 dcp., 1 dcp.(hh.), 2 dct.; cl. Evarts)

Edward C. Duly (DE-17), originally intended for transfer to Great Britain, was launched 21 October 1942 by Mare Island Navy Yard as Byard (BDE-17);
retained for use in the U.S. Navy and assigned her name 19 February 1943; and commissioned 3 April 1943, Commander G. A. Parkinson, USNR, in command.

Edward C. Daly sailed from San Diego 22 May 1943 and arrived at Pearl Harbor 28 May. As the first escort vessel to visit this base, she aroused much interest and was visited by Admirals C. W. Ninlitz and R. A. Spruance. She escorted convoys between Pearl Harbor and the west coast. In August she went to Funafuti to occupy other islands of the Ellice Group and succeeded against slight opposition. While fueling at Samoa early in October, she rescued the crew of a downed patrol bomber in heavy seas, destroyed the plane, and buried the pilot at sea.

Edward C. Daly returned to San Francisco for repairs and got underway for Alaskan waters 27 November 1943. Here she was assigned to the demanding, essential duty as guard and weather ship for planes flying the regreat circle route from Attu to Paramushiro. She ret,urned to San Francisco 19 January 1945 for overhaul, then headed for Saipan, escorting the carrier HMS Ranee as far as Guam. She was active in air-sea rescue between Iwo Jima and Saipan, continuing this patrol after the war for planes supporting the occupation of Japan. On 19 October 1945, Edward C. Daly returned to the United States, was decommissioned at San Pedro 20 December 1945, and sold 8 January 1947.