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Maria Denning

(SwStr: t. 870)

Sidewheel steamer Maria Denning, built at Cincinnati in 1858, was purchased by the Navy in 1861 for service as a transport, Comdr. Benjamin H. Dove in command.

Destined to carry provisions and stores, Maria Denning arrived at Cairo from St. Louis 26 November 1861, having dispersed two to four hundred Confederate cavalry at Price's Landing en route. She was used as receiving ship at Cairo from 3 November 1861 to I April 1862, and protected Fort Holt from night attack by Confederate gunboats early in December 1861.

In November 1862, Maria Denning took prisoners on board at Helena, Ark., before departing for Vicksburg. She was transferred to the Army in December 1862 and served as an Army transport 15 December 1-862 to 6 April 1863.