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Madgie ScStGbt

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(ScStGbt: t. 220; 1. 122'6"; b. 22'7"; a. 1 8", 1 20-pdr.)

Madgie, a wooden screw-steamer, was built at Philadelphia in 1858 and purchased by the Navy at Nev. York 15 October 1861 for service in the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Acting Master F. B. Meriam in command.

After fitting out, Madgie arrived at Port Royal 19 April 1862 to patrol southern waters, and steamed off Lawfore. Channel, Gal, in May. She sank a vessel carrying 3,000 barrels of rice off Barrett's Island 20 June, and captured schooner Southern Belle the same day. In July, 3 Madgie joined the blockade of St. Simon's, reconnoitering up Ogeechee River with Paul .Jone.',Unidilla, and Huron the 24th, engaging Confederate batteries at Fort MacAllister. In September Madgie was off Sepolo. Gal, until ordered to Doboy's Island to relieve Western World 30 October.

After repairs at Port Royal in March 1863, Madgie snpent the year off St. Catherine's Solmd, capturing .5 persons from the steamer Ocanee 21 August. Madgie sank off Frying Pan Shoals 11 October 1863.