Lillian SwStGbt


(SwStGbt: t. 630; 1. 225'6"; b. 2ff' dr. 8'2"; s. 14 k.;
a 1 90-pdr, 1 20-pdr.)

Lilian, an iron wide-wheel steamer built on the Clyde River, Scotland, in 1863, was captured some 100 miles east of Cape Fear, N.C., 24 August 1864 by Keytone State and other Union ships. Among the prisoners were five Wilmington pilots being carried to Rermuda to guide Confederate ships through the blockade. Purchased by the Navy from the Philadelphia Prize Court 6 September 1864, she was commissioned 6 October at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Acting Volunteer Lt. T. A. Harris in command.

Lilian Joined the fleet attacking Fort Fisher Cape Fear River, 23 to 24 December 1864 and 13 to i4 January 1865. She landed troops above the fort on the 13th, and then bombarded it. After this attack, ihe patrolled the inlet, and with Trietam Shady captured the British steamer Blenlleim 25 January.

She decommissioned 5 April 1865 and was sold at public auction at New York 30 November 1865. Documented 8 October 1866, Lilian operated in merchant service until 1868.