Lavender ScStr


(ScStr: t. 173; 1. 112'; b. 22'; dph. 7'6": cpl. 23: a. 2
24-pdrs. )

Lavender, a tug built at Philadelphia in 1864 as Mayflower, was purchased there by the Navy 20 May 1864.

Ordered to proceed off Charleston for duty with the South Atlantie Blockading Squadron, Lavender, acting Master John H. Gleason in command, departed the Delaware Capes 11 June. Shortly before midllight on the 12th. she struck a reef off North Carolina during a severe squall. Efforts to get her free were thwarted when wnter entered her engineroom and put out her flres. The wooden steamer was completely wrecked und nine of her crew were lost before Army steamer John Farrole rescued 14 survivors 3 days later.