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Iris IV ScStr

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Iris IV

(ScStr: 1,923; 1. 321'0"; b. 39'0"; dr. 24'0"; s. 10 k.; cpl. 124; a. none)

The fourth Iris was built in 1885 by A. Leslie & Co., Newcastle, England, and was purchased by the Navy from AIiami Steamship Co. 25 May 1898 for service in the Spanish American War. However, reconditioning and conversion to a distilling ship was not completed until after the end of active operations ngainst Spain. Iris commissioned at Norfolk Navy Yard l Aug11st 1898, Lt. Arthur B. Connor in command.

The distilling ship departed Norfolk 31 August and arrived Montauk Point N.Y., 5 September. She departed New York Harbor 11 October for the Philippine Islands arriving 3Ianila 18 3Iarch 1899. She acted as a general utility ship for tile Asiatic Squadron in the Philippines during the occupation of the islands and during the subsequent insurrection. She decommissioned for repairs at Hong Kong 31 January 1900 and resumed duty in May.

Iris sailed for home in the fall of 1903 arriving San Francisco 13 November and decommissioning at Mare Island Navy Yard 18 December. She was overhauled there and placed in service as a collier for the Asiatic Squadron. For the next 5 years, she fueled United States vessels in the Orient.

She departed Manila 20 May 1909 for San Francisco where she `was converted to a torpedo boat tender. She was placed out of service15 October and decommissioned the same day. During the following years she serveded as parent ship for the Pacific Torpedo Fleet operating off the West Coast of the United States.

In the fall of 1915 disorder in Mexico threatened American citizens and interests. Iris arrived Topolobampo, Mexico 9 December to begin patrol duty on the Mexican coast. She remainod in the area ready to act in the event of any emergency until departing I,a Paz, Mexico, 30 Januarv 1916. She arrived San Diego, Calif. 4 February and began duty towing targets off southern California.

Two months later Iris was ordered to San Francisco. After arriving 16 April she decommissioned atMare Island 2 May 1916. Iris was transferred to the USSB 3 May 1917.