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Fort Moran

Fort Morgan

A key point guarding Mobile, Ala., captured by Admiral D. G. Farragut's forces 5 August 1864.

(ScStr: dp. 1,249; 1. 220', b. 34'6", dph. 10'2"; a.
1 30-par. r., 2 12-pdr. r., 2 24-pdr. how.)

Fort Morgan, a screw steamer, was built in 1863 by S. H. Pook, Fair Haven, Conn., as Admiral; purchased 8 January 1864; and commissioned as Admiral 5 February 1864, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant W. B. Eaton in command. She was renamed Fort Morgan 1 September 1864.

As storeship for the ships of the Gulf Blockading Squadrons, the steamer sailed from New York and other east coast ports with provisions, munitions, passengers, and general stores for ships on station between Key West and Galveston. Several times while making passage from one port to another on this duty she gave chase to blockade runners, capturing steamer Isabel out of Havana 28 May 1864, and two small schooners in November. She was decommissioned at New York 22 August 1865, and sold 5 September 1866.