Exchange StwGbt



Former name retained.

(St-wGbt: t. 211; 1. 155'3"; b. 33'5"; dr. 5'; s. 6 mph.
cpl. 81; a. 2 32-pdr., 4 24-pdr. how., 1 12-pdr.)

Exchange, a stern wheel gunboat, was built in 1862 at Brownsville, Pa.; purchased by the Navy 6 April 1863, and early in June 1863 joined the Mississippi Squadron, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant J. S. Hurd in command.

Through the summer of 1863, Exchange patrolled the Tennessee River, harrassing the enemy by destroying boats and sending landing parties ashore frequently taking prisoners. Early in September, she stood down the Mississippi to Memphis, and through the remainder of the war, patrolled the Mississippi and its tributaries, convoying army transports, shelling enemy shore batteries, and bringing her firepower to bear in repelling guerilla attacks on Union camps.

Exchange joined in the expedition up the Yazoo in February 1864 to facilitate the march on Meridian Miss., and captured 632 bales of cotton belonging to the Confederate Army. On 1 June, during a 45-minute engagement with a masked battery at Columbia, Ark. the gunboat was struck 35 times, 8 shot piercing her hull. One man was killed, and her commanding officer wounded. The gallant conduct of her crew in this action won commendation from Rear Admiral D. D. Porter.

Exchange towed and carried ordnance stores to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., after the war, until decommissioned at Mound City 6 August 1865. She was sold 17 August 1865.