A flowering herb.

(SwTug: t. 133; 1. 117'; b. 36'; dph. 6'2"; cpl. 25; a. 2
20-pdr. r.)

The first Columbine, a side wheel tug, was built in New York during 1850 as A. H. Schultz; purchased by the Navy 12 December 1862, outfitted by Howe &s Copeland, New York, and placed under the command of Acting Master J. S. Dennis.

Columbine patrolled with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron off Port Royal, S.C., from 6 January 1863 until 14 February 1864 when she arrived at Jacksonville, Fla. From 9 to 12 March she participated in an expedition up the St. John's and Ocklawaha Rivers during which she took one prize. On 22 May she again ascended the St. John's River bound for the relief of besieged Army posts but the following day she was captured and burned by the Confederates.