Columbia ScStr-


Columbia II
(ScStr: t. 603; 1. 168'; b. 25'; dph. 14'; cpl. 100; a. 6 24
pdr. sb., 1 30-pdr. r.)

The second Columbia, a screw steamer was captured 3 August 1862 by Santiago de Cuba while running the blockade off the coast of Florida, purchased by the Navy from the Key West Prize Court 4 November 1862 outfited at New York Navy Yard; and commissioned sometime in December, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant J. P. Couthouy in command.

While serving with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron off Wilmington, N.C. Columbia ran aground and was wrecked off Mesonboro! Inlet 14 January 1863. Forty men of her crew, including her commanding officer, were captured by the Confederates.