Variant spelling for Mount Chocura, New Hampshire.

(ScGbt: t. 607; 1. 168'; b. 28'; dph. 12'; dr. 10'6"; s. 6k.;
a. 1 11" sb., 2 24-pdr. sb., 1 20-pdr.)

The first Chocura, a screw steam gunboat, was launched 6 October 1861 by Curtis and Tilden, Boston, Mass., and commissioned 16 February 1862, Commander T. H. Patterson in command.

Departing Boston 17 March 1862 Chocura was forced to put into Baltimore for repairs and did not arrive at Fort Monroe, VA., until 6 April. She was then assigned the blockade of Yorktown and patrol up the York River until 9 November 1862 when she joined the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron for service off Wilmington, N.C. Cruising there until 15 August 1863, she captured two prizes, and assisted Maratanza in taking another.

After repairs at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Chocura sailed to New Orleans LA., arriving 30 November 1863. Here she joined the West Gulf Blockading Squadron for patrols in the Gulf of Mexico, taking six prizes and assisting in capturing two others, and cutting out and destroying a three-masted schooner late in January 1865.

After the war and repairs at Pensacola Navy Yard, Chocura resumed her cruising in the Gulf of Mexico as a part of the newly activated Gulf Squadron 17 October 1866. She arrived at New York 30 May 1867, was decommissioned there 7 June 1867, and sold 13 July 1867.


PC-1124 (q.v.) was renamed Chocura(IX-206_ 20 Febuary 1945.