A river in Massachusetts.

(SwStr: t. 974; 1. 205'; b. 35'; dr. 6'6"; dph. 11'6")

The first Chicopee, a double-ended side wheel steamer was built by Paul Curtis, Boston, Mass.; launched i March 1863; and commissioned 7 May 1864, Commander A. D. Harell in command.

From 10 June 1864 Chicopee sailed off the coast and in the inland waters of North Carolina. She joined in the operations which led to the capture of Plymouth, N.C. hetween 29 Oetober and 1 November 1864. Later she cooperated with the Army in the expeditions to Pitch Landing and against Rainbow Bluff, N.C., of December 1864

After overhaul at Norfolk Navy Yard in early 1865, Chicopee returned to North Carolina waters, and resumed her cruising with the North Atlantic Squadron until 24 December 1865 when she arrived at Norfolk Navy Yard. She returned to Wilmington, N.C., 23 January 1866, and continued to cruise off the North Carolina coast until 3 December, sailing then for Washington, D.C. She was placed out of commission there 19 December 1866 and sold 8 October 1867.