Counties in Georgia and North Carolina; many cities and towns in the United States.

(SwStr: t. 198; 1. 120'; b. 26'; dr. 7'7")

The first Chatham, an iron side wheel steamer was built in 1836 by John Laird, Birkenhead, Eng., for export to Savannah, Gal, knocked-down, Assembled in Savannah, she was used as a river steamer until to Civil War when she became a blockade runner. Captured by Huron while running the blockade on 16 December 1863 Chatham was turned over to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron and commissioned on 22 June 1864, Acting Master E. L. Smith in command.

Assigned as harbor ship at Port Royal, Chatham transported men and supplies in the harbor throughout the remainder of the war, providing essential support to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron as it carried out its decisive mission of cutting the Confederacy off from overseas sources of supply. Chatham was decommissioned in April 1865 and sold 2 September 1865.