(ScTug: t. 191; 1. 1053; b. 22 2"; dr. 9'; cpl. 37; n.
2 24-par. sb., 1 12-par. sb.)

Catalpa, a screw tug, was built in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1864 as Conqueror; purchased by the Navy 29 June 1864; commissioned 12 July 1864, Acting Ensign J. A. Edgren in command; and reported to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

Throughout the remainder of the war, Catalpa operated with her Squadron along the South Carolina coast, performing the varied services with which she rendered valuable support to the successful blockade of the Confederacy. She carried passengers and light cargo in addition to performing the usual tug services, and skillfully removed torpedoes and obstructions. She contributed her officers and men to operations in Broad River and Bull's Bay in which a naval brigade cooperated closely with Army forces in preparing for Sherman's march to the sea, and in February 1865, stood up the Pedee River to Georgetown, S.C., where her landing party routed a band of Confederate horsemen, and raised the flag over the town.

Catalpa was decommissioned 1 September 1865, and was used as a yard tug at New York until 23 July 1894 when she was sold.