L. Y. Spear AS-36


LY Spear
(AS-36: dp. 22,6640 (f.); 1. 644'; b. 85'; dr. 57'; cpl 1,338; a 20 k.; a. 2 5", 4 .50 cal. mg.; cl. L. Y. Spear)

L. Y. Spear (AS-36) was laid down hy General Dynamics Corp., Quincy Division, Quincy, Mass., 5 May 1966; launched 7 September 1967; sponsored by Mrs Arnold F. Schade, wife of Vice Admiral Schade, Commander, Submarine Force, Atlantie Fleet; and is scheduled for commissioning in 1970.

The flrst of a new class of ships designed primarily to service nuclear attuck submarines, L. Y. Spear, once completed will be assigned to Submarine Squadron 6 with Norfolk as her home base. She will have the capability to provide logistic and technical support for as many as 12 submarines and service four of them alongside simultaneously.