La Porte APA-151


La Porte

(APA-151 dp. 6,878 (It.); 1. 455'; b. 62'; dr. 24'; s. 17.7 k.; cpl. 536, trp. 1,561; a. 1 5", 12 40mm., 10 20mm.; cl. Haskell; T. VC2-S-AP5)

La Porte (APA-151) was laid down under a Maritime
Commission contract 15 May 1944 by Oregon Shipbuilding

Group, Portland, Oreg.; launched 30 June 1944; sponsored hy Mrx. Charles N. Niles. and commissioned 14 August ]944, Comdr. Marion C. Thompson in command.

After shakedown, La Porte departed San Francisco 22 October 1944 to join the Paeiffc amphibious forces. Arriving Milne Bay 8 November for training operations, the attack transport sailed from Manus 2 January 1945 for Luzon. La Porte steamed into Lingayen Gulf 9 days later and debarked troops and equipment despite attacks of enemy aircraft. Her mission completed, she returned Leyte 16 January to prepare for the invasion of Okinawa.

Loaded with 1,500 troops, La Porte departed San Pedro Bay 27 March as part of the largest amphibious operation of the Pacific war. Troops hit the beach 1 April to begin the invasion which placed an Allied garrison next door to Japan. Two days later a kamikaze dived at the sitting transport, but accurate fleet antiaircraft fire splashed the raider before he reached his mark. Departing Okinawa 5 April La Porte arrived San Francisco 3 weeks later for a brief replenishment period.

Returning to Ie Shima 14 July, the transport unloaded 1,.300 Army Engineer replacements before she once again sailed for the United States. She arrived San Francisco 10 August: and, after hostilities with Japan ended, La Porte prepared for occupation duty in the Far East. With 1,146; replacements on board. the transport departed San Francisco for the Far East and debarked troops at Leyte 15 September. During the next 2 months, La Porte operated in the western Pacific, transferring troops into the occupied territories of Japan and liberated areas of China. She embarked homewardbound servicemen and sailed from Manila 25 November, arriving Seattle 3 weeks later. La Port arrived Norfolk 14 February 1946 and decommissioned there 25 March 1946. She was returned to Was 3 days later. She was placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet and at present is berthed at James River, Va

La Porte received one battle star for World War II service.