Carlise APA-69



A county in Kentucky.

(APA-69: dp. 4,247; 1. 426'; b. 58'; dr. 16'; s. 17 k.;
cpl. 320; a. 1 6'; cl. Gilliam)

Carlisle (APA-69) was launched 30 July 1944 by Consolidated Steel Co., San Pedro, Calif., under a Maritime Commission contract; sponsored by Mrs. E. C. Parsons; acquired by the Navy 28 November 1944- and commissioned the next day, Commander H. R. Adams in command.

Carlisle cleared San Diego 23 January 1945, carrying sailors, marines, and general cargo to Pearl Harbor. She returned to San Francisco 11 February, and after repairs, sailed to San Diego to load passengers and cargo for Pearl Harbor. Between 2 April and 6 June, she had duty training and transporting Marine units among the islands of the Hawaiian group. Carlisle made three voyages to the west coast from Hawaii and Japan, and shorter passages among South Pacific islands, redeploying servicemen until 4 February 1946. She was assigned as a test vessel for Operation "Crossroads," and was sunk at Bikini 1 July 1946 in atomic weapons tests.