Nashira AK-85


(AK-85: dp. 5 202 (f.); 1. 269'10"; b. 42'6"; dr. 20'9", s. 10 k.; cpl. 83; a. i 3", 8 20mm.; cl. Enceladus; T. N3-S-A1)

Nashira (AK-85), originally assigned the name Josiah Paul, was transferred from the control of the Maritime Commission to the Navy 1 January 1943, prior to the start of construction. Renamed Nashira 30 October 1943, she was laid down by Penn-Jersey Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J., 1 November 1943, Iaunched 23 April 1944, sponsored bv Miss Patricia Palmer, delivered to the Navy 25 April 1944, and transferred to the Army the same day for use as an Army cargo ship. Nashira was struck from the Navy List 9 June 1944.