Lebanon II AK-191


Lebanon II
(AK-191: dp. 2,382; 1. 338'6"; b. 50'; dr. 21'; s. 12 k.;
cpl. 85; a. 1 3", 6 20mm.; cl. Alamosa; T. C1-M-AV1)

The second Lebanon (AK-191) was laid down under a Maritime Commission contraet by Walter Butler Shipbuilding Co., Superior Wis., 15 Mag 1944; launched 14 October 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Charles E. Denny acquired by the Navy 25 August 1945, and commissioned at New Orleans 26 September 1945, Lt. Robert K. Stuart in command.

The end of World War II reduced the need for cargo ships and Lebanon decommissioned 15 November 1946. She was returned to the Maritime Commission the same day, was chartered to Lykes Bros. SS Co., Inc., and renamed Coastal Archer.